Win Nova N6M new business grant

How it works


Indicate your interest to win the Nova Business Grant by registering on our website with your correct details. If you are outside Lagos Whatsapp first before paying.

Get Ticket

Nova Grant Discovery seminar is compulsory for everyone seeking for the grant. Only 35 persons are allowed. Pay N7,500 to get ticket. This helps us separate the serious from the unserious.

Attend Seminar

Attend the Nova Grant Discovery seminar to learn what it takes to win the grant and fill the form to join Mentor Nigeria Academy.

Complete training

Complete our 31 module validated entrepreneurship training. At the Academy we teach you how to utilize our grant to build a business that will thrive in Nigeria

Our Process

we adopt a 3-step process in creating our success stories

Validated Learning

Complete all the 31 courses at the Academy and other tasks to understand what it takes to successfully run a business in Nigeria. The training is flexible and designed to allow you to earn from our existing businesses while learning

Getting Funding

We give 6 Million Naira grants to applicants who have successfully completed the validated learning at the Academy and successfully demonstrate that they can manage a business to success in Nigeria

Business Mentorship

We don’t abandon our people after helping them start their businesses, through our Business Mentorship Network, we provide them free life time business mentorship support that will enable them to thrive and reach their full potential.

Become the entrepreneur you have always wanted to be