The Nova New Venture Grant

Who doesn’t like free money? That is what business grants are, right?

But we don’t just give grants, we leverage our technical partners to identify the right beneficiaries through rigorous business activities.


In our quest to achieve our vision of positioning 100 young Nigerians to become entrepreneur millionaires each year, we take a 3-step Enterprise Program approach

STEP 1: Closing the Skills Gap

Through Validated Learning at the Mentor Nigeria Academy, we teach you everything you need to know on how to start a business in Nigeria, grow it and position your business to be investors’ ready before giving any grant.

STEP 2: Provision of Funding

Upon graduation at the Academy, we give 6 Million Naira grants to successful applicants to start their businesses. This amount when added to their personal business income of 6 million naira while learning, will take their total investable capital to 12 million naira altogether.

STEP 3: Advisory Services

We don’t abandon our people after helping them start their businesses, through the Mentor Nigeria’s Business Mentorship Network, we provide them free life time business mentorship support that will enable them to thrive and reach their full potential.


To qualify for the Nova New Venture Grant, an applicant will meet all the following

  • Ability to translate learning into business model by developing a business model that has the potential to become nationally competitive in its sector.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, self-driven and commitment to personal success
  • Completion of the 30 module course classes in business development and growth at the Mentor Nigeria Academy
  • Participation in the LearnNova's Literacy Improvement Project for private school


Winning our new venture grants takes 4 easy steps

The Nova Business Grant

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