ADDRESS: Trenova Building, 7B, Ogunsiji Close, Allen, Ikeja, Lagos

PHONE: +2348090178721


TreNova LTD is a member of an International business and personal development consulting organization that operates in 26 countries, spread across 4 major continents including the UK, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Portugal, India, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and USA among others. 

We have been in business for more than 12 years and we have trained over 15,000 school leaders in Nigeria and more than 5,000 SME leaders across various sectors.

TreNova through its subsidiaries create and sell businesses; provides training and business grant; publish learning support contents and deploys the NOVA business Acceleration System and Alchemy low-cost business development methods that are proven and time tested to quickly build business, scale-up sales, increase turnover and profits to support small business owners.

We also partner with and consult for small and medium sized enterprises and offer astute business owners, directors, professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs a fresh, unique and dynamic approach to business