We make starting a business not just a dream

Apply for the Nova 6 million business grant

We make the impossible possible

We offer up to 12 Million in business support funding. We take no equity and provide life-time mentorship support

6 million Nova business grant

Together we can accomplish something that truly matters

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What we do

We fund businesses

You are not the first to have your business idea but you could be the first to get it funded. Join a growing number of young Nigerians who are on the path to becoming Entrepreneur Millionaires.

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Do you have the Entrepreneur DNA?

We fund startups and small businesses across a diverse portfolio.

Our Story

We make starting a business not just a dream but reality

We believe that by giving people access to funds that will enable them to start or grow their businesses, we can help them to transform themselves into successful entrepreneur millionaires.

We offer funding in the form of business grant to young and ambitious Nigerians who have shown the will to own a business and have demonstrated the competence to successfully manage a business and make it thrive.

We take no equity in the businesses we fund, you retain total control over the direction of your business and over your team.

Laying the stones

We believe that the journey to becoming an Entrepreneur Millionaire begins when the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs can easily access quality business development training that will enable them to learn how to start and grow a business.

Who gets our grant

Our grant is only open to aspiring entrepreneurs or young business owners who have successfully completed 30 module training on business development and growth at the Mentor Nigeria Academy and have participated successfully in all its activities.

What qualifies you

At the academy, you are not expected to pay for your training but you are required to participate in activities that will enable you to Earn-While-Learning. It is your ability to demonstrate that you can earn from business activity that qualify you to compete for Nova New Venture Grant of N6 million.

The mentorship

We understand the risk of running a business in an environment that has been adjudged to be one of the most difficult places in Africa. So, before releasing our grants, we prepare our people to run a business in a hostile environment.

Safeguarding the future

We believe that we can help young startups and entrepreneurs to thrive by providing continual business support that will enable them to navigate the murky water and develop their full potential

80 %

80% of businesses fail in their first 5 years

96 %

over a 10-year period, 24 out of 25 businesses fail

70 %

But 70% of mentored businesses survive after 5 years and increased revenue by 83%; 5 times better than businesses without a mentor.

We understand all these, so we don’t abandon our people, we provide full business mentorship support to enable them to reach their full potential

Unveiling the pathway

Register to attend the next edition of the Ikeja NOVA Grant Opportunity Discovery Seminar.

At the Opportunity Discovery Seminar, we unveil what this opportunity means and what it takes to begin this journey. Join us as we prepare the next 100 Entrepreneur Millionaires. 


Our technical partners work with us to tackle critical issues in 3 strategic areas: Capacity Development, Business Development, Business Mentorship.

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